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Behind the Scenes

What does it take to make an everlasting impression in a Scout's life?


A true story

Written by a
Pack 500 Volunteer/Parent

I never wondered what it took to make events, den & troop meetings happen as a young Scout. My parents would register me for the events and I would attend. I learned a lot from Scouting over the years. Everything from arts and crafts to the great outdoors. Today, 22yrs later I'm learning the "behind the scenes" of Scouting. What it took to inspire me to volunteer and give back what was given to me. I now have a son, who at first had no desire to join Scouts until this last year. He come home from school one day full of excitement to join Cub Scouts, and I couldn't be more happy to sign him up.

A week after I registered him in Cub Scouting we were on our way to our first District camp out. This event reminded me of my first time ever camping in life. My parents dropped me off at resident camp the summer of 89' for a week of tent camping. It started with me crying to go home at the beginning. By the end of the week I was crying again but only because I wanted to stay longer. What inspired me to stay was the fun of being with my peers hiking, swimming, canoeing, archery, and of course campfires. Today I look at what it took to plan, prepare the essential items needed, and the excution of the program.

My son an only child could not be more happier than to be with his peers. Cub Scouting has brought him together with his peers, but now what opportunities will he have as a Cub Scout offered to him?

The best way to answer that question was to get involved. I attended the Pack Committee meetings and witnessed the "behind the scenes of Scouting" taking place. It takes many volunteers to make the program happen. Planning, prepping, funding, paperwork, and of course running the events to make Cub Scouts a success. I knew I had to get involved not only for my son, but for the Pack. I want the best for all Scouts present and future.

Volunteering is very rewarding. It's a great feeling to see the smile on a Scout's face when they learn a new knot. It's a great feeling to see an event you help plan come to light. If one Scout walks away with a new skill, you made a lifetime memory for that Scout. I will never know all the volunteers it took to run the 10yrs of program I was a part of as a young Scout. I do know today what it takes to bring that program to our Pack and my own son to enjoy and learn.

Being a volunteer doesn't mean you have to have a college degree. Every volunteer will bring something different to the program. The basic ideas you bring to the planning is the start to anything occuring in Scouting. Not everyone volunteers for the same reason. We do have one common goal, and that is to bring the best of program to our son's.

If your interested in volunteering or would like to learn more about a certain position contact:

Pack 500 Cub Master
Amanda Smith