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Cub Scout Pack 500
(Hinesville, Georgia)
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 Chartered Organization Rep

Jeff Sachau      

 Unit Commissioner

Lillian Shurtleff


 Committee Chair


Amanda West



 Micheal Rupert


 Assistant Cubmaster

            Wes Stephens


Pack Trainer

Diane Chambers



Connie Papacek


Advancement Chair 

Penny Torres



Marie Stephens


 Scout Parent's All Parent's are Members  

 Pack Web Master



     Popcorn Kernel








Den Leaders

 Tiger Den

Bryan Vickers


 Wolf Den


Marissa Hornbuckle 







 Bear Den


Thomas Hill



Maria Salinas 



 Webelos Den 1
Jon Papacek

Michael Rupert 

 Webelos Den 2

Brian Sorensen






Leadership Recruiting

We are currently looking for adult volunteers to fill the leader positions open for next year. Contact  Scoutmaster or Committee Chair for a list of positions available.
From the ScoutMaster:
At this time the Leaders from Last year are trying to get leadership in place for when den meetings start up in August.We have had a couple of parents standup to this responsibility already, but there is room on the committee and even subcommittees as the Pinewood Derby, Blue and Gold banquet, outings chairman etc.  THere is always room for you.  This program takes EVERYONES help to make it successful and for the boys to have a great time.

At this particular point and time, I am wanting or requesting that all adults (over age of 18) to at least take the Youth Protection training that is offerred online.  THis if FREE... just takes a few minutes of your time to complete and will be beneficial to all the boys and youth if we have everyone youth protected.  This way no matter where we go or what we are doing everyone will be protected.
 You do not need to fill out an application form for this, all that I am requesting is that when it is complete you make a copy of the final certificate and give it to Corina Scoggins (Secretary).  If and when you decide to become a leader then all that is complete.  If you so choose, there are other items of training on the site that you should feel free to take, as I said, this is all FREE.  
 Follow this link:      
Online Training   
and register (yep still free) and you will be able to take all fast start training that you want.  All I am requesting is Youth Protection for all parents.     THE NEW WOLF AND BEAR LEADERS PLEASE TAKE THE REST OF THE TRAINING AND GET COPIES OF CERTIFICATES TO CORINA.

Below on the Attachment's section, you can find an Adult Application that you can fill and return to the Secretary if you want to participate in the program.

Icon File Name Comment  
28-501ENew adult application.pdf Adult Application